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Pipe dispenser / Pipe conveyor systems

The pipe dispenser by 3defacto fulfils several previously unsolved requirements.

25 vertically arranged pipe compartments are equipped with associated lifting systems so that the dispensers can be loaded on a simple and robust loading table either with a forklift or by crane.

The pipes run over an inclined plane towards the unloading lift. The system control exactly positions the removal mechanism at the right compartment height and uses a lever system to remove a pipe from the compartment.

The lift moves the pipe to the lower removal position and passes the pipe on to the next process step. Roller conveyors, cross conveyors, transfer modules, and work tables for ergonomic further processing of the pipes are used in the individual process steps of a pipe line.

Pipe dispensers/Pipe conveyor systems are developed, planned, manufactured, and commissioned worldwide by 3defacto. The company has a long-standing cooperation with Westfalen AG and 3R Solutions GmbH.