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Automation for your production – using the example of a beveling machine

3defacto takes care of previously unsolved tasks in your production. Usually, we analyze existing conditions in the initial meeting and make an inventory.

Our innovative team of experienced engineers develops solution concepts. At the same time, requirements are gathered that can  form the basis of your specifications. 3defacto quotes are fixed price quotes you can rely on.

The result is that the production facilities are equipped with an eye to the future. The industry`s goal is almost always the same: to produce sustainably, energy-efficient and economicalyl – we help with ideas and see ourselves as partners.

The beveling machine is the latest innovation from 3defacto. This machine is used to bevel pipes fully automatically in order to be able to weld on fittings or pipes of the same diameter in subsequent processing steps. In the following video you can see for yourself how our beveling machine works.

Compared to conventional beveling machines, the new solution is more efficient and – above all – more precise. The decisive factor is the handling when loading and unloading the tubes.

3defacto uses the inline concept, where the tubes remain on the same production line during the manufacturing process. This saves process time and is gentle on the parts and the machine.

Maschine data

  • Chamfering front and rear of tubes
  • Chamfers for welds: 30°, 37,5° and tulip weld
  • Chamfers follow pipe geometry
  • Pipe sizes from DN40 to DN 500
  • Minimum pipe length 800 mm
  • Dimensions (excl. roller conveyors), (L x W x H) 4.8 m x 3.6 m x 3.3 m
  • Weight approx. 18 tonnes

Advantages of the 3defacto beveling machine

  • Tactile measurement at 8 points to measure the tube
  • Traverse a circular path or the calculated path from the tactile measurement
  • Support of up to seven tools
  • Simultaneous machining of “tube 1“ end and “tube 2” beginning
  • Lowerable centre roller table
  • Tube O.D. measurement via clamping jaws
  • Drawers for chip removal
  • Tool spindle cooling
  • Production of a blue-ship quality product without damage.
  • Very fast installation and go-live
  • Extensive experience in pipe welding preparation

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