Good. Better. Optimal.

Software from 3defacto enables individual and time-saving solutions for the process-optimised use of design software in mechanical engineering. Our certified SolidWorks professionals provide expert support with solutions that are accurately adapted to the current process and working environment of each customer. As a result, we can ensure that changes and improvements do not hinder dynamic work processes and that production can continue uninterrupted.

As a manufacturer-independent consultant, 3defacto supports you in all areas of design optimisation and error-free handling of design processes. Our experts facilitate, among other things, economical 3D system introductions and system conversions. They also analyse production and design processes as well as offer SolidWorks seminars. 3defacto is your specialist for all known SolidWorks versions and their additional programs (e.g. PDM or PLM systems).


3defacto adapts consulting and optimisation to your system environment, design processes, and products. Each step – whether software introduction, optimisation or seminar – is individually tailored for maximum benefit. Our software services include:


  • Analysis discussions with our certified specialists
  • Determination of customer-specific system requirements
  • Project scheduling and cost planning
  • Determination of requirements for Konkon design automation


  • Product integration and user consulting for Konkon
  • CAX consulting and implementation
  • Support and benchmark for PDM system selection
  • Support for software updates (SolidWorks and PDM systems)
  • Advice on the selection of suitable software and hardware
  • User seminars and workshops, e.g. for the introduction of SolidWorks in new departments
  • Support for quick and successful system changeovers

Implementation and optimisation

  • Economical 3D implementations for more efficient design
  • Optimisation in the use of SolidWorks, e.g. through design recommendations or seminars
  • Analyses, recommendations, and optimisation of design and production processes
  • Process optimisation, e.g. through software-supported model creation (modularly expandable up to sending automatically created production documents by e-mail)
  • Creation of design recommendations
  • Development of interface programs (e.g. with C# and between SolidWorks and PDM and ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Implementation of customer-specific software solutions for the optimal handling of design processes (e.g. plot manager)