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KonKon – CAD Automation

On your mark, get set, build! In order to be able to offer our customers a time- and cost-saving solution for the production of variants, we have developed a CAD automation. “Konkon” from 3defacto completes the complex process of a construction process in a few minutes – including drawings for direct forwarding to production.

Fast and efficient, error-free, and with a wide range of variants, easy to use and applicable anywhere. The Konkon creates added value: Made in Germany.

Maximum flexibility for integration into the system landscape

  • Konkon works with, but is not part of SolidWorks
  • Existing additional programs can also be controlled without any problems and manage the data generated by Konkon

High efficiency through server operation

  • Round-the-clock operation
  • Several modules can process jobs in parallel
  • By configuring on an external server, SolidWorks is not blocked on the computers

Quick to learn

  • Designers continue to work with the familiar tools (Excel and SolidWorks)
  • Complete product know-how is stored in Excel sheets

Automatisierte Prozesse

  • Design is carried out down to the last depth level – no further need to send the finished design to production
  • Konkon recognises customer-specific settings in SolidWorks

Full service or self-made

  • Customers can set up the required Excel sheets with the data for the design themselves or Konkon’s engineers from 3defacto can do it for them
  • We offer training for customers who want to create the data for Konkon themselves
  • Maintenance is provided by 3defacto

Time for innovation

Konkon can design anything, large or small, heavy or light. Once the development of a product is complete, there are no limits to the range of variants. Without the need for a designer to intervene again. The designer now has their hands and head free for new developments and innovations.

Further information on 3defacto’s Konkon can be found at www.konkon.de.