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Prepolymer production plants

From concept to commissioning: in the realisation of several prepolymer production plants at home and abroad, all 3defacto divisions successfully work hand in hand. The result is optimised plants of the highest quality, higher throughput, automatic cleaning, and suitable interfaces for ERP systems and downstream plant components. The plants are low-emission and thus allow, for example, low-dust work with isocyanate (NDI, TDI, TODI, and MDI).

Using one reference plant as an example, our specialists first dedicated themselves to the hall layout, planned the plant assemblies, and optimised the workplaces and logistics to the customer’s needs in order to ensure productivity and efficiency. The following units and systems were then implemented:

  • Horizontal, heated storage tanks for the raw polyols, such as Vulkollan®
  • NDI emptying system and drum or container tipping station, for easy and low-dust emptying into the buffer tank
  • Closed NDI conveying and dosing system, which allows low-dust conveying by means of compressed air, micro-dosers or screw conveyors thanks to filter units
  • Device for melting and heating barrels for feeding into the production process
  • Preheater/conditioning unit with double-jacket vessel and agitator for temperature distribution, allowing vacuum degassing or dewatering
  • Double jacket reactors with load cells and agitator as well as an NDI receiving vessel with filter units
  • Enclosed, low-dust and low-emission polyol/NDI manual dosing stations with control panel for target quantity input
  • Cleaning unit with double-jacket cleaning tank, heating unit and pump unit

For further information on our prepolymer production plant or the individual planning of your own plant, please contact us.