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Container unloading station

The container unloading stations from 3defacto are efficient, high-quality and, above all, customised for all liquid components in the chemical industry. The unloading stations for cubic tank containers (CTC) are used for the self-sufficient and automatic unloading of liquid media, as well as their transfer to the unloading point, e.g. a day tank. A steel collection tray is integrated into each container unloading station, which complies with the provisions of the Water Resources Act (WHG). The station is mobile and may be configured procedurally according to the requirements of the product and the plant. Additional modules allow the container unloading station to be adapted to special product requirements: from the pump, the agitator, the heating or cooling systems to explosion-proof versions. The station is pre-tested and ready for connection on delivery, including the control cabinet. Our customers are particularly impressed by the individual optimisation options and the high-quality workmanship of the station and collection tray.

The basic model of the container unloading station can be used for almost all liquid components and is suitable for all standard containers made of plastic or stainless steel. It can be individually extended to customer-specific requirements by means of modular components and is economical, productive and “Made in Germany”.

Facts and figures on the basic model of the container unloading station:

  • Removal station for CTC up to 1,000 litres (plastic or stainless steel)
  • Station dimensions: 2,000 mm x 1,400 mm x 2,300 mm
  • Collecting tray made of steel according to the legal requirements of the Water Resources Act
  • Pump designed for the application, e.g. screw pump
  • Pump capacity adapted to the application
  • Pump equipped with a discharge hose, shut-off fittings for maintenance work, a pump protection filter, a pump dry-running protection, a pressure gauge, and a pump overflow valve
  • Pump pressure can be individually adjusted and adapted to the product
  • Control cabinet with contactor control, for regulating and operating the individual components with the standard connection values 400 V and 50 Hz
  • The container unloading station is mobile, i.e. it can be moved with a forklift truck
  • The container unloading station can be used, for example, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries

The basic model can be modularly adapted to individual requirements: 3defacto offers a comprehensive range of optimised container unloading stations that are convincing in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality.

Optional modules for the container unloading station:

  • Agitators in different designs, e.g. as inclined blade, propeller or Visco-Jet. These agitators are optimised according to the application and the product and guarantee gentle, homogeneous mixing. All agitators are supplied with the corresponding agitator stand.
  • Special pump designs for all liquid media and requirements, e.g. gear pump, diaphragm pump, etc.
  • ATEX-compliant equipment for the extraction station
  • Cooling or heating of the product, e.g. to ensure the conveyance of media with high viscosity, or to bring the raw material directly to the processing temperature
  • Buffer tank to ensure continuous removal during container changes
  • Equipped with PLC control to read the contents of the container at any time via the control cabinet
  • Complete stainless steel equipment
  • Container unloading station can also be designed for larger containers
  • Individual designs for special, specific purposes

Your advantages with a 3defacto container unloading station:

  • Adaptability to all requirements through supplementary module components
  • Individual design via own CAD automation (configurator.konkon.de)
  • The station is mobile, customised, and process-configurable for all liquids
  • Automatic withdrawal control, which is easy to operate and offers all advantages of storage tanks
  • Integrated drip pan in accordance with the legal requirements of the WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • High-quality workmanship “Made in Germany”
  • Maximum production safety according to high safety standards
  • CE conformity
  • Automatic, individually adjustable control system for filling daily containers
  • Ready-to-connect and tested container unloading station for immediate use