• Plant engineering

Storage tanks

No matter what liquid or chemical substance is to be stored, 3defacto’s storage tanks are optimally adapted to every need and every plant. Our experienced specialists guarantee quality, safety, exact planning, and professional assembly. With competent plant technology from a single source, we ensure that water-polluting or flammable substances such as polyol, isocyanate, pentane, resin, solvents, and propellants are stored professionally and in accordance with legal requirements and technical guidelines.

Various reference projects confirm the success of this approach: for example, our experts installed storage tanks for Vulkollan® as part of the planning, implementation and commissioning of the prepolymer production plant. They took care of the hall layout and optimally integrated the storage tanks into the complete plant. A horizontal, heated, and insulated double-chamber tank was installed, which enables the ideal storage of the Vulkollan at 65 degrees, including an extraction pump and agitators. In addition, a steel catch basin was installed in line with the legal requirements of the Water Resources Act.

In another reference project, 3defacto successfully implemented storage tanks in an earthquake-prone area in southern Germany. The storage tanks were installed in accordance with the applicable and mandatory safety standards. Among other things, 3defacto was responsible for the static calculations.

Our storage tanks are always optimally adapted to the individual requirements of the customers. During planning, production, and installation, 3defacto follows applicable guidelines and can thus successfully implement both smaller and complex systems. For example, horizontal, vertical, above-ground, or underground storage tanks can be installed. The nominal units range up to 100 m2 and the product temperatures up to 200 ┬░C.

Design options for our storage tanks include:

  • Single-walled storage tanks with or without drip tray
  • Double-walled storage tanks with leakage monitoring
  • Multi-chamber tanks
  • Steel or stainless steel versions
  • Temperature control by heat transfer oil or electrically
  • ANA system
  • Filling pump, gas dispenser, withdrawal and dosing pumps
  • Design for flammable media
  • Agitators for temperature distribution or for mixing the product
  • Fittings or internals (low dead space)
  • Inert gas overlay
  • Option adaptation to international guidelines and requirement areas, e.g. FDA, ASME, etc.

For further information or questions about our storage tanks, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.