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The big bag emptying station

In-house design by 3defacto to the highest qualitative standards. The BBU 2000 big bag emptying station was developed by our specialists for bulk materials and is the perfect solution for the automatic emptying of big bag structures. The patent-pending, innovative special machine can save up to 50 % of the production worker’s handling time compared to conventional stations for bulk materials. It also features high energy efficiency and maximum safety standards. In short, BBU 2000 is a process-safe, optimised special machine for bulk materials and offers the operator significant savings in production with maximum benefit.

Functionality of the discharge station for bulk material

The “swivel in” command automatically lifts the big bag into the station until the discharge spout is positioned directly above the docking station. When swivelled in, the distance between the discharge spout and the discharge aid is approx. 400 mm. With the command “lower”, the big bag is moved by the employee into the position for connecting the discharge spout to the docking station so that the discharge spout can be connected manually. Finally, the production worker gives the release for automatic emptying of the bulk material at the control panel.

The station’s control system lifts the big bag until the discharge spout is tightened. The weighing technology in the load lifting cross compares the set feed rate of the downstream process (e.g. rotary feeder, differential metering scale, screw conveyor, etc.) with the weight reduction of the big bag. If bridging occurs in the discharge area, the control sequence for discharge assistance is engaged. For this purpose, the big bag is lowered until it has settled on the rotating frame of the discharge aid. Due to the design of the frame, the big bag is deformed in the bottom area so that the material bridge is destroyed and the bulk material begins to flow again.

The control system is programmed to pull the big bag slightly upwards as the weight decreases – an automatic tightening that ensures the complete emptying of the big bag. Intervention by the production worker is not required during the emptying process.

The load cell signal can, of course, also be used for the overall system control (fill level measurement, visualisation, recipe control, etc.) via the interface to the control system. The empty big bag is removed in the reverse order to loading.

The advantages of our emptying station at a glance:

  • Low manual requirement for loading and unloading the station
  • No manual intervention necessary during the emptying process
  • Automatically controlled emptying process
  • Ergonomically designed arrangement of the drives for good accessibility
  • Exclusively electrical media feed (no compressed air required)
  • Closed, easy-to-clean surfaces (design suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications)
  • Highest safety standards (no crane or chain hoist included, guided swivel movement, completely enclosed station)
  • Low risk of accidents (no twisting or swinging of the load lifting cross)
  • Process reliability due to loosening in case of bridging at the big bag
  • Optionally designed for big bag dimensions (1,000 – 2,000 mm height)
  • Optional ATEX conformity according to bulk material requirements

We offer individual engineering services for planning the BBU 2000 into your plant. You can view the unit’s planning drawing here.

Do you have any questions about our big bag emptying station? Please do not hesitate to contact us.