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Dosing and mixing systems

The A5673 Grammer is an automatic dosing and mixing station for raw polyol and additives. It mainly consists of six storage tanks for additives including filling pumps, dosing pump and a static mixer.

In our liquid dosing stations, compressed air diaphragm pumps transfer the raw materials from their containers into individually designed storage tanks. Depending on the requirements, the containers can also be cooled. The raw materials are removed via the dosing pump, which doses the individual components according to the stored recipe. Once dosing is complete, the mixture is homogenised with a stand mixer. Optionally, the dosing station can also be connected directly to the reactor. Small transport containers or mobile containers for larger quantities are available as receiving containers. Most dosing and mixing stations also have conditioning stations, an NDI station and a cleaning station.

Your advantages with a dosing and mixing station from 3defacto:

  • Flexible number and size of storage tanks
  • Cooling of the storage tanks
  • Fully automatic dosing
  • Various recipes