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Drum tipping station

The drum tipping station from 3defacto for picking up and emptying drums or containers is a proprietary construction with a compact design. It is particularly suitable for free-flowing solids and bulk materials as well as for all liquids.

Following manual loading of the container and simple docking, the semi-automatic introduction of the product into the downstream process takes place. With the aid of a modern integrated control system, the entire station can be easily operated with two hands. Optionally, the drum tipping station is also available in an automated version.

The drum tipping station can be variably integrated into the layout on site and is equipped with a 180° rotary axis and a 180° swivel axis for compact installation. The limitation of the rotary movement is infinitely adjustable. Thanks to a central floor anchorage, the station requires only a small footprint and no additional support. It is available with the usual interfaces to the higher-level process as well as in an easy-to-connect plug solution. Optionally, the drum tipping station can be converted to accommodate different drum sizes.

The functions are:

  • Lift drum max. 3,400 mm
  • Rotate station max. 180°
  • Swivel drum 180°
  • Lower drum for docking

The drum tipping station complies with the applicable machinery directive and is available ATEX-compliant for installation in zone 22. Additional accessories are also available, e.g. a docking station including a downstream receiving container in a low-dust version with an inflatable sleeve. From the docking station, the raw material is fed into a buffer container and from there into the sending container with the help of a micro-dosing unit. Pneumatically, the system conveys the precisely metered quantities of solids further, for example, into the reaction units.