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Tyre-mounting machine

The fully automatic tyre-mounting machine from 3defacto is a groundbreaking innovation in this field. The machine operator takes care of feeding the tyres and rims onto the infeed conveyors, the machine recognises the tyre size and controls the subsequent modules fully automatically.

In this way, tyre sizes from 20-58 inches can be mounted automatically and inflated via a filling bell. 3defacto guarantees a filling tolerance of +/- 0.1 bar at filling pressures of up to 9 bar.

The assembly of the different tyre sizes without the need for resetting makes this innovative system unique.

The system is designed and built according to the customer’s requirements, commissioned in our factory, and installed at the customer’s location only after successful pre-acceptance. All services, starting with design, manufacturing, hydraulic design, electrical planning and software, are provided by our company.

State-of-the-art drive technology, energy-efficient systems, and integrated systems for preventive maintenance are now part of the delivery for all our machines.