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Production residues such as paper and film strips can cause malfunctions in exhaust air ducts. Chopping is often not possible in advance on site. That is why we developed a chopping system together with our customer and their maintenance team. The chopper shreds any foreign matter at high speed with its knife system integrated into the pipeline. Individually adjustable pairs of knives, a flow-optimised and low-maintenance design, an easily accessible drive system, and innovative sound insulation technology solve this task with flying colours.

Blade sets 2.0

Like all of our products, we have continuously developed the pipe chopper. After some flow simulations and various adjustments to the design, we were able to significantly reduce the pressure loss of the pipe chopper compared to the old knife geometry.

Technical data:

  • Suitable for cylindrical pipelines
  • nominal width 200 to 800 mm
  • Installation length 1,500 mm
  • Installation width 1,100 mm
  • There are two sets of knives installed
  • Cutting diameter 710 mm
  • Cutting speed 1875 1/min
  • Particularly quiet with sound insulation (< 75 dB A)

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